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Settling in

We take the utmost care in how new children are introduced to Little Angels and appreciate it may be the first experience a child has had outside their own home.

On the first visit a parent or trusted guardian must accompany each child and stay with the child and us for at least an hour.

On the second visit the child will be left for a short time with their key carer to start relationship building.

Over a period of one or two weeks, or however long it takes, the child will gradually spend more time with us until it is clear they are happy and comfortable.

Every child is assigned two key carers with at least one member of staff on duty at all times. No child is ever left unsupervised.

We encourage parents to contact their child’s key carer as often as possible. We believe a good relationship between the adults known to a child help build the emotional foundation for healthy development.

We also strongly believe in the parent/nursery partnership and Little Angels has an ‘open door’ policy for parents to spend time here with their children when and if they wish to do so.

Learning through play

As independent private day nurseries and pre-prep schools, our curriculum is based on the seven defined Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and structured play. The ‘What to expect, when?’ guidance for parents outlines your child’s learning and development as part of the EYFS, a copy of which is available to download here:  What to expect, when? A parent’s guide to the EYFS

The early years are a special time for all children and it is our aim to give them positive support as they begin their journey of self-discovery. Through a mix of child-initiated play and adult-led activities, we hope to stimulate all the children in our care to progress in their learning and development.

During a child’s time at Little Angels we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum working towards the defined Early Learning Goals preparing for later education in seven areas:

     • Personal, social and emotional development

     • Communication and Language 

  • Literacy

     • Mathematics

     • Understanding the world

     • Expressive Arts and Design

     • Physical development

Each child has the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace, so their key carer conducts regular observations and collects samples of work. This information is readily available for parents to see and discuss with staff.

Highly qualified professional teachers lead our pre-prep school teaching with many years experience in London and provincial schools. Little Angels have achieved excellent Ofsted reports.


Each child will have a record of their educational progress and a Child Observation Record. These contain examples of work and photographs to help define skills and identify those which need more practice and are available at all times. We welcome parents input and you can make an appointment at any time with your child’s key carer to discuss progress or any concerns. Parents and key worker evenings are arranged every six months with progress reports provided.

A transfer record will also be available to pass on to your child’s next school.

What goes on

Teaching takes place all the year round. The core of the day includes structured activities linked to learning intentions and goals. Every day there is a wide range of additional activities for everyone including music, drama, gym time, creative cooking and puppet groups.

There are also plenty of opportunities for drinks, rest, sleep and of course nappy changing as necessary.

We also treat mealtimes as special both from the point of view of nourishment and teaching good manners and behaviour.

Welcome and Registration

The nursery day normally starts at 8.30 a.m. There will be staff waiting to welcome you, but if you arrive early you are welcome to wait and play or read with your child in our Quiet Room until staff come through to greet you and a personal hand over is effected.

A look at the day
Starting with what is the weather and the appropriate symbol, the name of the day and date, and counting to the date on a calendar.

Participation in various activities and experiences with encouragement of social interaction amongst the children. Activities are tailored to suit the different age groups and there are always opportunities for the children to choose there own interest as well as in groups.

The most rapid physical development takes place during the first seven years of a child’s life and therefore outside play is a fundamental part of the day. The children are encouraged to enjoy the outdoor activities and toys available and to ‘let off steam’ with as much running and jumping as they need. They can also be involved with ‘garden’ activities.

Mid morning and mid afternoon 
We have circle  times when children sit in a circle and sing songs, read stories or have discussions.

During the day 
Those over three will spend some time with one of our qualified teachers in the Quiet Room. Children work in groups and enjoy simple word play and practice counting. They can also join in with nursery rhymes and songs or listen to a variety of music or listen to a story. In addition on Fridays we have a visit from a professional musician; all ages can participate. Children from 2 years 6 months have French and Spanish lessons with experienced language teachers at no extra charge.

All adults collecting children must be known to staff. If an unfamiliar person is to collect your child, we require notification and a photograph. If an unfamiliar adult arrives without notification we will telephone you to confirm their identity and act on your instructions.

Food and drink

During the day we provide a well-balanced and nutritious diet for young children. Our cooking staff is able to cope with all special dietary needs and culinary requirements as long as they are made known to us in advance.

For all main meals Little Angels operates a fresh food policy. All meals are prepared and freshly cooked in our own kitchens on the premises. The ingredients are bought in daily or weekly and all our meat is bought in regularly from free range suppliers in East Anglia.

There is even a chance for them to sample some of the vegetables they have grown in their own school garden patch, although with our limited level of agriculture we don’t expect to be a threat to our normal fruit and vegetable suppliers.

On arrival, any child who has not had breakfast at home, toast and Weetabix will be available at the nursery. Mealtimes, especially lunchtime, we treat as both a social and learning occasion. The children eat in small groups at tables with a member of staff. As part of their social development we encourage them to set tables with their own named place mats and help to clear away afterwards.

For young babies still on formula, we ask you to provide the milk of your choice and bottles with child’s name and the brand identified. We will then sterilize and make up your child’s feeds as appropriate.

Menus for the week are available to parents and displayed in the nurseries reception areas.

Due to the increasing risk of nut allergies, it is our policy not to have birthday cakes in the nurseries, but we are pleased to help make your child feel special and celebrate by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and making a special birthday card. Parents and carers are welcome to attend

Safety, Discipline and health

During their time with us the safety and wellbeing of the children is essential and our greatest priority. There will always be a staff member to welcome you whichever start time you have selected.
All adults collecting children must be known to staff.
If an unfamiliar adult is to collect your child we need to be advised and to see a photograph. In the event of an unfamiliar adult arriving unannounced, the child would not be released until we have telephoned you to confirm identity and your instructions.

All senior staff and the majority of general staff are qualified first-aiders able to deal with most crises quickly and calmly. If an accident does happen it is written into the accident book and reported to the parent or guardian.
If any child shows signs of illness, high temperature, sticky eye, diarrhoea etc., we will telephone parents and ask them to collect the child before symptoms become severe. In the case of a mild temperature parents will be notified and kept informed of progress.

All children, their families and carers are entitled to strict confidentiality. Any information held on our premises is kept in secure files only available to appropriate staff.

The children are encouraged to be kind and treat each other with respect at all times. However there can be arguments and disagreements. For young children distraction, compromise, humour and managed choice techniques are usually effective.
An offended child is immediately comforted by a member of staff and the offender removed from the activity. If an accident occurs it is written into the accident book and reported to the parent or guardian. In the case of severe or continued behavioural difficulties we must reserve the right to review a child’s nursery place.